SOF are:

  1. Very different units who are specifically selected, equipped and trained for distinct mission sets;
  2. Used often when the military strategic risks require extra fidelity or more discreet signature or the ability to operate in a very distributed way;
  3. Generally achieve strategic effect through tactical actions;
  4. Optimized operating in hostile, denied or political sensitive areas in times of peace, conflict or war, independently or in coordination with Conventional Forces.
  • The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) is a high-readiness organization, ready to deploy Special Operations Forces on very short notice to protect Canada and Canadians from threats to the national interest at home and abroad.

  • For more information about CANSOFCOM, click here: (DWAN) or (internet).

  • CANSOFCOM is looking for applicants who demonstrate:

    Maturity, Perseverance, Physical and Mental Stamina, Self-Confidence and Initiative.

In order to be accepted as either a Special Operations Assaulter (SOA), Special Forces (SF) Operator or Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Operator each applicant must complete a rigorous selection process including an assessment centre (AC). An AC is a structured, standardized and sequential process of testing and evaluating personnel using different measurement tools and multiple assessments of critical attributes by multiple trained assessors to determine if candidates are suitable for training and operational tasks. SOA’s, SF Operator’s and CBRN Operator’s each have a separate and distinct AC that is directly related to the physical demands required to complete their respective operational tasks. Evidence-based Pre-Selection Physical Fitness Training Programs have been developed in order to assist applicants with their physical preparation prior to undertaking one of the SOA, SF Operator or CBRN Operator AC.

Instructions to gain access to the CANSOFCOM Landing Page

  1. Select the “Log In” button below to return the Defence Military – Fitness login page.
  2. Log in via your usual Command button and using your existing DFIT.ca username / password.
  3. On the Home page, select the “More Information” button (under “Interested in CANSOFCOM Pre-selection Training?”) to launch the CANSOFCOM landing page.
  4. Select the either the SOA, SF Operator or CBRN Operator page for information about their specific training program and to generate the Pre-selection Physical Fitness Training program.
  5. Please note that any CANSOFCOM Pre-selection Physical Fitness Training programs you generate will be added to your existing list of existing DFIT.ca programs for ease of access.